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Mountin Goat Climbing is an indoor rock climbing gym in Greenville, SC focused on serving at-risk youth from our community. We exist to provide free adventures and mentoring for at-risk youth all over South Carolina. Every dollar we bring in provides these opportunities and all of the money paid by the public keeps the doors open and the lights on so that even more kids get a chance to enjoy climbing. We are a passionate group of people from our staff to our community members and our priority is providing an environment where our at-risk students can grow to become responsible adults. Some of our core values are as follows:


We believe that leaders are also servants. Everyone on our staff does a little bit of everything from belaying guests to cleaning toilets. Everything we do is motivated by serving our guests at every opportunity.

Treating people well

A lot of our guest are first time climbers, but we also have some seasoned veterans around. Our staff is dedicated to making every guest feel welcome and comfortable with climbing whether it’s their first time climbing or they’re a professional climber.

Keeping them safe

A key tennant of treating guests well is making sure they are comfortable with safety measures in the gym and are trained in the best practices to use our facility in the safest way possible. 

Gym Staff (with optional management track)

The Gym Staff position is a multi-responsibility role in fast paced work environment. It’s much more important that you’re interested in serving people well than knowing everything about rock climbing. This position has the potential to grow into a management role (shift supervisor, assistant manager) depending on performance and availability as outlined below.


The gym staff position is a completely customer oriented role. If you’re not a people-person, this is not the job for you. Whether providing orientations, instructing belaying technique or simply answering questions, you will be interacting with customers constantly. 

Gym staff should be self starters. Staff are expected to constantly look for ways, big and small, to improve our customer’s experience in the gym whether through cleaning, organizing gear or helping manage a rush of guests.

Gym staff should be comfortable teaching skills as instructed by our management staff. Gym staff are primarily responsible for customer orientations and belay and safety instructions. Gym staff are trained by management staff, and then should be comfortable enough to re-teach the required material and answer questions.

Gym staff should be team oriented. As a gym staff you will work under a shift supervisor or manager. When the gym is crowded, staff are expected to work together well as a team helping make sure every single guest feels welcomed, comfortable and trained properly to use our facility.

Management track

Our optional management track offers an opportunity for advancement from gym staff to shift supervisor and eventually assitant manager. Any staff candidates interested in a management role will begin as a gym staff and work through each role in the facility to understand the needs and challenges for each, while also proving proficient at managing people and working on a team.

All staff are given quarterly reviews as an opportunity to provide feedback to management as well as recieve feedback on their individual performance and potential advancement goals.

Our management track proceeds as follows:

1. Minimum of one calendar quarter as a Gym Staff

2. Advancement to Shift Supervisor based on two types of criteria:

Performance – performance reviews each quarter will determine Gym Staff’s eligibility to advance into a Shift Supervisor role. 

Availability – because shift supervisors are given increased pay and responsibilities, we have a specific number of supervisors to best cover our shifts as needed. A Shift Supervisor role will only be rewarded as a position becomes available within our staff

3. Advancement to Assistant Manager after a minimum of one calendar quarter as a Shift Supervisor, based on performance. Assistant Manager candidates are expected to be performing above and beyond their job duties – looking for ways to improve the customer experience, providing input on policies, and leading staff.

Still Interested? Apply below

This is a part-time position (initially up to 20 hours/week)

Starting pay for gym staff is $8.25/hour with ample room for growth

Starting pay for shift supervisor is $9/hour with ample room for growth

If you’re interested in applying, make sure you’ve read through the job description – if this sounds like you, let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. (And if you’re interested in the management track, email your resume to us for bonus points)

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