Closing Time

This announcement is something that hasn’t been easy for any of us to think about, and we’ve done a less-than-great job communicating about it because of that. In 2012 we opened Mountain Goat with the hopes of providing a safe place for at-risk students in Greenville to learn about rock climbing and meet mentors. In […]

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More Time to Climb!

You know those people who frequently say, “there’s not enough time in the day!” Well we’ve got another saying around here… “You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé, so deal with it.” But, we recognize that saying shouldn’t apply to climbing. (We’re pretty sure Beyoncé doesn’t rock climb… but in fairness, you never know.) For the […]

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Greenville Bouldering Competition

On April 18th from 7-10pm we’ll be hosting the Greenville Bouldering Competition. And we believe, based on empirical evidence, that you should come. Let me explain. Empirical evidence is knowledge acquired through observation. We obviously can’t draw empirical conclusions about the event, because we can’t observe the event… because it hasn’t happened yet… So we’ve decided to […]

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