Climber Brofanity

Public Service Announcement: Please, no brofanity in the gym. We’ve all heard it. Those subtle comments made out of the side of someone’s mouth, serving as a simple reminder that they climb harder than you. The climbers version of the humble brag. “Oh, that was your first v5? It felt more like a v2 to […]

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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday! Yep, you heard us right! The Sunday afternoon indoor climbing prohibition is coming to an end. Let’s face it, those dpm videos aren’t getting you psyched anymore and that old hangboard only makes you sad. We hear you. And we’re doing something about it. But we’re not only doing it for you. Here’s […]

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Dear Loose Chalk

Dear Loose Chalk, We’ve been together for awhile now, but as they say “all good things must come to an end.” And truthfully it’s not me, it’s you. Let me explain… You’ve always been good to me, or so I thought. I loved your willingness to be used in an abundance. I never had too […]

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Welcome to the new Mountain Goat website and blog. We hope this will be a good place to keep you all updated about the incredible people in our community here, as well as to share with each of you the difference that you make in at-risk kid’s lives all over the state of South Carolina. […]

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