May 25, 2018

Closing Time

This announcement is something that hasn’t been easy for any of us to think about, and we’ve done a less-than-great job communicating about it because of that. In 2012 we opened Mountain Goat with the hopes of providing a safe place for at-risk students in Greenville to learn about rock climbing and meet mentors. In the process we also built an unbelievable community of climbers (all of you) who love climbing and have loved GOAT and the kids we serve.

On June 9th, we will close the doors at 61 Byrdland Dr for the last time, as we move on to the next chapter of Mountain Goat’s story.

The way we got here is a long, windy road – but we want you all to understand that it was never a decision that was made quickly or lightly and it makes us all as sad as it makes you.

As many of you may know, we spent a decent portion of the past couple of years looking to build a bigger, better Mountain Goat. We were close, but had a few issues that kept getting in our way. As we were nearing that goal, we were approached by an organization that we work with and have a true respect for. While their plans are not ready to be announced publicly yet, many of you know who they are. They discussed a potential plan to bring a true commercial climbing facility to Greenville and we were excited to work with them towards that goal.

Towards the beginning of last summer, they were moving forward and our current lease was ending in September. With some real, and expensive issues mounting at our 61 Byrdland location it didn’t make sense for us, or the landlord to invest in our needs without a long-term lease in place. At the time, we weren’t ready to sign a long term lease because of the plans for the new facility. We reached an agreement with our landlord and set a tentative date of June 30, 2018 to end our lease for the 61 Byrdland location.

At the time that decision was made, we (and our partners) thought the new facility would have been announced and even would have broken ground by the time we closed – and everything would make sense. As these large projects go, things are behind schedule, but are still moving forward.

All that to say, we aren’t going anywhere. Our new location is under renovation, and while it’s not a climbing gym, we’re still excited about building a community of people who love the outdoors, GOAT, and the kids we work with. If you haven’t seen the progress yet, you can follow along with that project at

We’re also not out of the climbing business for good. While we currently don’t have any plans, we love climbing and we love the climbing community in Greenville. We’ll keep you all updated as to plans moving forward, but for now this is the end of the chapter at Byrdland Dr.

We’re constantly blessed by the community in this place and we love every single one of you. We’ll see you outside, or at the new Mountain Goat.