October 22, 2015

More than a competition

It’s no secret, we love climbing here at the Mountain Goat. As a sport, climbing is demanding. While not a true team sport, it does operate best with a team mentality. Most competitive climbers (especially at a younger age) are on a team, and have coaches. We push our teammates as well as our competitors. We do conditioning, and workouts. We keep an eye on our nutrition and we treat our bodies well. And we compete to see how we compare to our peers. Like tennis, or cross country climbing is an individual-team sport.

As we prepare for competition season it’s easy to focus on ourselves as individual climbers. We peak our training so we can be at our best for competitions and climb our hardest at climbing gyms all over our region. We look forward to regionals and divisionals and even nationals. We fill out scorecards and wait to see who places where and who wins and who loses. While there are not typically “losers” in competitive climbing, there are certainly winners. Those who prepare the best, who train the hardest, and often who have the most natural talent and strength.

At La Cabra Montés – Mountain Goat Climbing’s USA Climbing Bouldering competition – there is another winner. A winner that makes us all winners for being a part of the event. A winner much bigger than any of us as individuals.

All of the revenues from La Cabra Montés go directly towards providing free outdoor adventures and mentoring for at-risk youth all over the state of South Carolina. These are students from broken homes, orphanages, Boys & Girls clubs and many other organizations that get the opportunity to experience the outdoors for possibly the first time in their lives. They get to experience the rush of adventure and escape from their often chaotic lives – all thanks to every single person who is a part of this event or just climbing at the Mountain Goat.

So we just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who will be invovled with La Cabra Montés – whether you’re climbing, watching, routesetting or working – you’re changing lives.