February 18, 2016

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday!

Yep, you heard us right! The Sunday afternoon indoor climbing prohibition is coming to an end. Let’s face it, those dpm videos aren’t getting you psyched anymore and that old hangboard only makes you sad. We hear you. And we’re doing something about it. But we’re not only doing it for you. Here’s the story.

For the past four years we’ve made the conscious decision to be closed on Sundays. We wanted to be intentional about giving our staff the day off and allowing them to find time to rest. But let’s face it. Not everybody rests on Sundays. And as weird as it sounds, climbing/bouldering can be an incredible way to find rest. And that’s not even the kicker. Ultimately, we made the conscious decision to begin opening on Sundays because it’s a smart business move. And when you give all your profits away, smart business moves impact the people you’re committed to serving. 

As y’all know, 100% of our profits provide needed opportunities for kids who can’t access them on their own. As we continue to serve students, we become increasingly convinced that there is more work to be done. More kids to be served. And that requires more $. If you’re a regular at the Mountain Goat, you know we don’t have any extra wall space to go around (we’re working on that). But there is a day of the week when these walls aren’t being used (either by GOAT or the public).

So why are we opening the gym on Sundays? It’s really about stewardship. This climbing gym is a resource we have to serve kids and we’re committed to making the most of it. So starting in March, join us on Sunday’s from 12 – 6pm and be a small part of something big!

  • Suzanne Ayres Schlotterback

    AWESOME! Abby will be there plenty of Sundays!