Thinking of visiting the Mountain Goat?

We would love to have you as our guest. Our facility is great for first time climbers as well as seasoned veterans. We have something for everyone to enjoy and the best staff in the world to make sure you feel welcome and ready to climb – even if it’s your first time. 

What do I need to do?

If it’s your first time climbing or even just your first time at Mountain Goat Climbing, we recommend filling out a waiver at the link below to save some time when you get here and watch the quick video on this page to learn more about our facility.

Fill out a waiver online

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the more common questions we get asked around here. If this doesn’t answer your questions feel free to give us a call (864) 735-0821 or email

Do I need a reservation?

Nope. You’re welcome to drop by and climb whenever we’re open. Our staff are here ready to provide orientations and climbing/belaying instruction as needed at no cost. Come join us whenever – it does save some time if you have a waiver completed before you show up.  We do ask that you make a reservation if you’re planning on bringing a party or large group.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing something comfortable that would be appropriate for working our or moving around. For girls, we suggest wearing tights or leggings under shorts as it will be more comfortable with your harness. Tennis shoes work well, but we also provide climbing shoes if you would like to use them. 

What is the minimum age to climb?

Our minimum age for climbers is 5 years old and the minimum age for belaying is 13.

Where are you located?

Our address is 61 Byrdland Drive Greenville SC 29607. We’re located near Haywood Rd between Haywood Road and the Downtown Greenville Airport. A map and link to google maps are located on our homepage or the bottom of this page.

What is all this about helping at-risk kids?

You can learn more on our about page, but currently every dollar we collect here at Mountain Goat Climbing goes towards our parent non-profit, GOAT. The money that you pay to climb here helps provide free climbing, outdoor trips and mentoring for at-risk kids all over South Carolina. 

How long does it take to climb?

If you buy a day pass you can climb as long as we’re open that day. Most people plan on staying for 1.5 to 2 hours at the most. 

Do you provide belayers or instruction?

We provide a belay class and certification (for our facility) at no cost. We do not provide belayers except for groups or parties.

Can I come alone or do I need a partner?

If you plan on bouldering (see below) you’re welcome to come alone. If you’re planning on top-roping (climbing on ropes) you will need a belayer to hold the other end of the rope for you – and you can belay for them. We provide the neccessary instruction and equipment for belaying at no extra cost.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of climbing common in the southeast that invovles climbing smaller, boulders without the use of ropes or harnesses. Our bouldering walls are 12′ tall and are over padded floors which allow you to climb to the top and downclimb before hopping onto the ground. Bouldering movements are typically considered shorter, more difficult and technical. Bouldering is a great way to get into climbing and meet the community here at Mountain Goat Climbing. 

Are you hiring? Can I get a job?
Sometimes. You can check our job opening page at any time to see what’s available. Even if we’re not hiring, you can fill out an application and we’ll keep it on file for a year. All applications are handled online. Learn more.